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Links & Antenna recommendationsEdit

  • Expectations highly recommends Radio Labs. He says it's 4x what he had before.
  • Tashmoo has a page with their recommendations Tashmoo WIFI
  • SV Soggy Paws website super write-up on "big gun" and several other antenna's
  • SV Dream Catcher website also has a detailed WiFi explanation and recommendation which was referred here by Dragonfly.
  • Linus has the distance record in Port Royal with Radio Labs


Finding an open WiFi connection is getting harder and harder. One reason is people are abusing (knowingly downloading movies and unknowingly doing large updates) the privilege and giving providers a reason to "lock-down" their routers.


If you have to do a download, the Hughes (DirecTV) Satellite system allows for unlimited downloads between 2AM and 5AM EST so you won't penalize the provider during that time.

One thing cruisers may not realize is that many internet sources are from satellite. All satellite connections have a daily maximum download and if that number is exceeded then the satellite bandwidth is severely restricted for the next 24 hours for everyone (one text email could take 10 minutes in restricted mode). Another thing cruisers may not realize is that windows updates (which can run automatically along with your virus protection updater) can take up to 230 MB which would be over half a whole day's allowance (450 MBs) for that provider.

If you're not going to ask to get on, then it's best to limit your connections and not do any downloads.