Weather for NW Caribbean NetEdit

NW Caribbean SSB NetEdit

6209 (6212, 6516 alternate) USB 8 AM local 1400Z
Daily Net weather report comes after Emergency & Priority Traffic

Tempest Wx sourcesEdit

Here are the main things I'm using:

Weatherfax, New Orleans
Tropical Analysis, Western half 1205 UTC
24,48,72 Wind Wave forecasts 1235 UTC, 1245 UTC, 1255 UTC
from time to time 24,48,72 surface analysis 1305,1315,1325 UTC
GOES IR Tropical Satellite 0200/1400/0800/2000 UTC

AXNT20.KNHC this is URL:

Spotforecasts from saildocs

Would also add carib buoy and gulf buoy to the list
This is pretty much what I see everyday, and what can be had without a connection

I'd listen to Chris Parker if he didn't come on at the same time as the faxes

SeaCat internet weather URL & saildoc sourcesEdit winlink catalog FZNT23.KNHC winlink catalog EVST99.JPG black and white This is the actual sea bouy off Cancun winlink catalog PYEE10.TIF (yes the number differs slightly) winlink catalog PYEI10.TIF (yes the number differs slightly) winlink catalog PYEK10.TIF (yes the number differs slightly) winlink catalog PWEE91.TIF winlink catalog PWEI10.TIF winlink catalog PJEK89.TIF,%20Belize&wuSelect=WEATHER,%20guatemala&wuSelect=WEATHER

Chris Parker Radio BroadcastEdit

His email is

Radio schedule Chris Parker NW CaribbeanEdit

Starting Nov 3, 2008 - Thanks Windfree
8137 USB 0600 EST 1100 UTC
4045 USB 0630 EST 1130 UTC 5:30 Local Roatan
8104 USB 0730 EST 1230 UTC 6:30 Local Roatan BEST - used to be best for NW Carib
12350 USB 0830 EST 1330 UTC 7:30 Local
6221 USB 0900 EST 1400 UTC

NW Caribbean Net Dave's original Wx resource pageEdit

Dave Waltz's site with a wealth of material.

Best sources online (real-time) maps and reports are in the . His GFS links are the best. His site is not being updated for lack of an volunteer editior and Dave's access to internet. Navigate to the Weather button and enjoy the wealth of material put there by Dave Waltz SV BellaDonna

Getting daily Weather products on your boatEdit

Using JV Comm 32Edit

JV Comm 32 wx download How to page from Beau Soleil and the Tech Net

Loading GFS & COAMPS files in Nav ProgramsEdit

Downloading SSB weather GRIB files to Raymarine RNSEdit

Kaija Song has documented the details on a separate page Downloading SSB weather GRIB files to Raymarine RNS

Uploading GFS & COAMPS into Mac OS X application GPSNavXEdit

SeaCat uses GPSNavX to load GFS or COAMPS with one click in Menu bar

National Weather Service RadioFAX ProductsEdit

Broadcast 4 times a day. [| NWS site] for detail info
  • For NW Caribbean region best freq and time is 6:35AM local and for 30 minutes on USB 8502.0 (USB accounts for 1.9 Mhz frequency difference)
Freq New Orleans (NMG) 4317.9, 8503.9, 12789.9, 17146.4(12,18Z) New Orleans (NMG) 4317.9, 8503.9, 12789.9, 17146.4(12,18Z) New Orleans (NMG) 4317.9, 8503.9, 12789.9, 17146.4(12,18Z) New Orleans (NMG) 4317.9, 8503.9, 12789.9, 17146.4(12,18Z)
Start Broadcast 0000Z 0600Z 1200Z 1800Z
Broadcast Schedule 2025Z

Problem with GFS "GRIB" files along Coasts for NW CaribbeanEdit

Check out the difference between looking at a GFS file and a COAMP file
Rather than Query SailDocs with GFS
Type in - COAMPS:18N,15N,089W,085W|0.2,0.2|0,6..72|PRMSL,WIND

GFS & COAMP comparison

Notice the wind flag over Litbe & Me Ma a difference of 5 and 10 kts. =Wx Pressure Chart Symbols=

Click here to see common symbols used on weather faxes