The residents that are considered part of the "transient" Cruising Community have recently been presented with a notice stating that there will be an "Anchoring Fee" levied on owners of touristy yachts or similar by the municipal, (Santos Guardiola is from French Harbor to Guanaja local Municipal). We will be addressing the legality of this as it has been tried twice before and stopped by the Port Captain himself.


For all owners of touristy yachts or similar, by this means we would like to state that according to the local municipal law, No. 27, Clause No. 7 we notify the following:

We will be collecting the local minicipal tax the time your yachts or similar is anchored in the local harbor.

The cost will be $25.00.

Thanking you with anticipation for your collaboration by obeying this law and helping to improve our communities.

Enjoy your stay,

Omar Martinez

Justice Director

435-2183" (011-504)

As you can see there is no definition of how long that "fee" is good for and does not outline where it is in effect per se. Locally we will be addresing this with the effort that can be applied to stop this.


UPDATE: News from the Muni has been recived that they have decided NOT to charge this fee for now.