Medical Edit


  • Woods Medical Center, Coxen Hole 2445-1080
  • Roatan Public Hospital, Coxen Hole 2445-1227
  • Anthony's Key Resort, Sandy Bay (ask for clinic) 2445-3003
  • Nurse Peggy, Sandy Bay 2445-3234
  • (Dr) Leslie NP, Oakridge 435-2219
  • Emergency Heliopter servicing the Bay Islands with Emergency Medical transfers 24 hours,365 days of the year,from the Bay Islands to La Ceiba or San Pedro. For more information on how to access this service call:Calvin Bodden at 9995-4114 (Service Representative )Cyndie Peterkin at 3389-1416 ( Flight Nurse )Ronald Shortis at 9660-1356 (Pilot )

La CeibaEdit

  • Hospital Suizo-Hondureno 441-2518
  • Hospital Vincente D'Antoni 443-2264

San Pedro SulaEdit

  • Centro Medico Emergencias Suyapa 553-1214
  • Hospital Semesa 556-7401


  • Clinicas Medicas 232-1184
  • Hospital Centro Medico Hondurano 225-0028
  • Hospital Viera 237-3160


  • Roatan Tourist Police 99 82 85 42

This is the first number any English speaker should try. This is the cell phone number directly to the chief of Tourist Police 'Heimy' (Jaime. sorry, not sure if this is the right spelling). The problem with calling the police in Roatan is that they all speak only Spanish or hardly any English at all. Heimy was on the Roatan Bruce show last week (mid Jan 2010) and said he is seriously committed to improving the security on the island, and that he will accept calls on his personal cell phone any time of the day or night.Then he can call the proper authorities for you.

  • Roatan Municipal Police (French Harbor to West End)
    • Joseph Solomon/Tito Dixon 445-0416
  • Santos Gardiolas Municipal Police (Parrot Tree to St. Helena)
    • 'Salas' - good cop in Oakridge 97 30 45 62 and helped us (Free Radical) in Jan 2010. Speaks limited English.

National PoliceEdit

  • Coxen Hole 445-3438
  • French Harbour 455-5099
  • Oak Ridge 435-2747
  • Utila 425-3145
  • Guanaja 453-4310

Fire Department and AmbulanceEdit

  • Coxen Hole 445-0430

Power Company for RoatanEdit

  • RECO 455-7381

Telephone OperatorsEdit

  • International Call Collect 190
  • International call through Hondutel 197
  • Directory Assistance 192