Updated 31 January 2015

The yard is being cleaned up and updated to better service cruising yachts. Authorized service/sales center for major brands including Yamaha, Yanmar, Volvo and many others. Renovations include new offices, bath and shower facilities. The commercial part of the yard is being run by civilian personal. For further information contact Jerry Blakeslee,

Hello Cruisers! Beau Soleil here!

 There is a lot of mis-information about the haul-out service at Puerto Cortes.  Here is the low down as of December 2009.

There is a huge travel lift that hauls 100 foot navy craft.

There is good anchorage just in front of the navy yard, which is just south of the entrance to the lagoon on your chart.

The wind does come from the west often but only becomes dangerous during cold fronts.

A lee is provided by docked ships for landing from the dinghy.

Puerto Cortes is a clearance port.

The dock officials are very friendly and try to speak English.

The yard is all cement. Water is a distance away, bring long hoses. Electricity is near by and included in the overall price for short time boats. 200 feet away for long term boats.


Up to 5 tons, $115; 5 to 10 tons, $145; 10 to 15 tons- $205; 15 to 20 tons $245. Lay days $15/day. Long term storage $200/mo. Casual labor is 300 Limp a day (the sailors are not allowed to help). Prices effective 31 January 2015.

The Facilities:

The heads and showers are not up to Lagoon Marina standards, but for a working yard-- not bad. About equal to La Ceiba Shipyard. No hot water. Regular triangular stands are available. No pressure washer. (We wet sanded the haul while still anchored.) Sand blasting is there and very good-- they get a lot of practice in the navy. Travel lift is very well handled.

The Town:

Puerto Cortes is a very nice, polite town. None of La Ceiba's violence. Buses are 6 limp. Taxis are 20 limp to the Centro. There are extensive bike paths and lanes. The nearest grocery store is the best. Prices are 15 to 20 percent cheaper than Roatan except for local products which average 50% cheaper.


I enjoyed the haul out, no one gave me any hassle, no one took anything, no surprise charges at the end. -- 20:25, 21 January 2009 (UTC)Beau Soleil