Cruising facts not categorizedEdit

-waiting to be placed into various countries, islands, anchorages and other
  • Use Bush Agency for check-in
  • 3/19/08 Question regarding only staying overnight and not checking in
  • Several boats recommend anchoring in Low Key or Sandy Bay and you'll not be bothered. SV Renegade said that you cn even anchor in main harbor overnight and just tell the Port Captain that you're leaving in the morning and it's will be okay.
  • Use Raul (he left govt SATA (?)service)who now has his own Check-in agency
  • Hail "Serva-Mor" VHF 16 when arriving at Livingston
  • You still need to wait in anchorage and call on VHF 16 for either government officials or Raul.
Roger versus Affirmative
  • Wikipedia definition of Roger | Read your message
  • Roger Wilco is "read your message will comply"

HF Radio, WinLink & PactorEdit

  • Tip for contacting a boat on Airmail and Sailmail when sender might be not be on a whitelist
    • Put WL2K in the Subject line
  • Sources for help
    • BabSea reports Gary Jensen at Dockside Radio will give email or phone support for PACTOR modems. Phone 941-661-4498 email at


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