2008 Net Controller scriptEdit

Typically a work in progress depending on Net Controllers. This version is current as of 03/17/08 thanks to Slipaway.

Northwest Caribbean NetEdit

1. Intro: "This is the Northwest Caribbean Net for ___(date)___________. This is ___(your name)_____ on the sailing/motor vessel ______(boat name)______, anchored/underway _____(location)_____, and I will be hosting the Northwest Caribbean Net today."

Radio Check - make sure signal is reaching out and establish vessels for Relays.

2. EMERGENCY, MEDICAL OR PRIORITY traffic / if there is an emergency, see "Distress Incident Form" below

Are there any RELAYS for emergency, medical or priority traffic?

3. The Northwest Caribbean Net operates daily at 1400 UTC, which is 8 a.m. local time in Belize/Honduras. Primary frequency is 6209 kHz USB. Alternate frequencies are 6212 or 6516 if needed for clearer communication.

The purpose of the Net is to facilitate communication between cruisers and exchange information.

Net Format: o Weather o Vessels Underway o QST's & Other Announcements o General Check-In's & Traffic

"Please note that this is a controlled net, so when making initial contact, give your boat name only and wait to be recognized. For RELAYS, please identify yourself by boat name...this helps me pick the best relay if there's more than one." (I always say that, but it's rare if someone says their boat name with "relay.")

4 VESSELS UNDERWAY / info to request:

. boat name . names of people on board . location (lat/lon) . destination . weather information (e.g., wind speed and direction, sea state). . Traffic? . Evening check-in? (Net controller for that day comes up at 23:45 UTC / 17:45 local on 6209 USB)

Ask for RELAYS for vessels underway.

5. Weather with Doug on Cristiana

Fills of weather

6. Follow up on vessels underway from previous day if they have not already checked in.

7. QST's, announcements or messages of general interest, buy sell trade.


9. TRAFFIC LIST (or, you can run traffic during General Check-Ins)

10. Close Net / Clear Frequency