Cheap Flights
Spirit Air has the cheapest fares to Honduras. If you fly on a Tuesday one-way to San Pedro Sula it was $109 on Sept 30th. And don't fall for the "round trip" requirement. Honduras Immigration does NOT check whether you have a return ticket. Airline has new planes which are comfortable, bright and friendly. Only a 3 hour shuttle ride to the Rio. Bus to La Ceiba is cheap and ferry to Roatan runs twice a day.


Several things to prevent your bags from being stolen by baggage handlers: Older/scruffy bags that aren’t stuffed full aren’t good choice for booty. Best is a $17 Walmart plastic box that has a place for a lock on the lid. If you’re worried about TSA breaking the locks Walmart also sells now a “TSA-openable” lock. If you want to really up the odds of not being picked off, put a large label on the box saying “Medicines”. Medicines don’t have any resale value according to him. If you don’t want to buy a box, then place a large bright label on the handle for a popular resort. Evidently they shy away from stealing resort group luggage because they have resources to track group shipments and bad guys don’t like that.

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