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For those of you using Raymarine RNS charting software and would like to be able to download and view your ssb weather grib files here is how you do it.

1) Copy the "coamps-centam20090209123300951.grb" or "GFS grib" file to the following location on your Windows XP computer:

a. C:\Program Files\Raymarine\Raymarine RayTech Navigator\grib

2) Now start up Raytech

3) Select the "View" menu

a. Click on the "Weather" toolbar so that a Tick is beside the tool bar name.

b. You will see the weather tool bar has now appeared on your screen with the following four options: Pressure, Wind, Temperature and Currents

c. Click on each of the four options in turn, so that they are highlighted.

4) Select the "File" menu

a. Select "layers" and you will see "Raytech Layers" window appear on the screen.

b. Select "Advanced Routing" and press "OK"

c. In the Top box where it says "Weather file", click on the green boxed area so that a selection screen appears.

d. Now select the "coamps-centam20090209123300951.grb" file that you copied in earlier (in step 1), and click "OK"

e. Press "OK" twice more to exit all the open screens.

5) You should now have your grib file displayed in your desired location.

Watch out!: RNS 6.1 expects grib-files with -ve option (delivered e.g. by US Grib). Other sources (e.g PredictWind) deliver +ve option and are viewed wrong by RNS 6.1


Gary, Kaija & 'Doc' S/y KaijaSong